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Born in Italy in 1997, I've always been surrounded by music from my family. I remember my mum playing "Ella and Louis" by Ella Fiztgerald and Louis Armstrong" on warm and sunny Sundays on the CD-Player and my brother teaching me the influence of the classical music playing the most known Operas of all time. 
I started singing at the age of 5 and I especially remember how much I enjoyed participating in the choir and little operas (in my home town).
Since then, I've never stopped singing and making music.
For the first half of my studies, my vocal teachers had a very classical approach on my technique (learning classic arias and duets from the most important operas ever written to the less known).
Even though, my life has been focused on classical music, I feel like myself when I am singing Jazz or Pop. 
Finished High School, I decided to move to London where I started my Undergraduate studies at the LCCM (London College of Creative media) and where I learned new things about my voice and myself as an artist.
London opened my mind and my heart and I could have not be more grateful to have chosen this city.

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